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Privacy policy

Data Protection Officer - Sophie Chapman

SCTA Theatre Academy are committed to safely storing and protecting your personal data. This policy explains when and why we collect personal data from our customers, how we store it, how we ensure it is secure and how long we keep it.

Data Collected for the Purposes of Delivering Our Services

We hold customer’s, children’s, SCTA staffs’ and school staffs’ personal data to help us deliver and manage our services, maintain registers, track progress, provide feedback, provide special support, maintain financial records and provide a safe, organised environment at our clubs.

a) The personal information customers supply will be stored securely by SCTA Theatre Academy for the purposes of delivering our service.

b) SCTA collect only the information we need to safely & effectively manage and deliver our services. This includes:

  • Parent forename, surname, numbers and email address.

  • Children’s forename, surname, school, school year, date of birth, and special requirements / important additional information where necessary.

  • School staff forename, surname, position and email address.

  • SCTA staff forename, surname, DOB, address, numbers, email, training documents, admin documents.

c) Certain details customers provide may be shared with schools and SCTA staff on a need-to-know basis for the purpose of safely and effectively delivering our services:

Data we share with schools

  • Children’s names and year groups.

  • SCTA staff names, numbers, training documents and admin documents.

Data we share with our staff

  • Children’s names, year groups, birth dates, media permissions, and details of special needs.

  • Parent’s names, numbers and email addresses.

  • School staff names and positions.

d) SCTA will retain customer information for 7 years following the end of their service period (the last club of their final term or last workshop) to maintain a record of service and attendance. This will reset should you rejoin SCTA within that time.

e) Anyone has the right to request that their personal information be deleted at any time following the end of the service period.

f) When you sign up for an SCTA club or workshop you are consenting to receive marketing emails and texts for other SCTA services. You can request not be contacted about these services if you wish.

We only collect data from you for which you have provided consent and do not use implicit data or data obtained from third parties. We will never sell or rent your information to third parties and will never share it with third parties for marketing purposes. We will never share your information with third parties except in cases where it is mandated by law.

If you would like to see the data that we hold for you you can email


How we use your data

Your data is used to...

a) Process bookings and contact you regarding payments.

b) Communicate with you about our clubs, upcoming performances and general information about SCTA.

c) Ensure that we have all necessary information about you and your child to deliver safe and enjoyable clubs.

d) Request your feedback, notify you of changes or inform you about new classes.

​e) Send you information that you have requested or that may be of interest to you.


Erasure, Your Right to be Forgotten

You have the right to request that we delete all of your data at any time. In the event that we receive a request for erasure we will respond within one month. If you are no longer an SCTA customer we will securely erase all of your data within this period. If you request erasure whilst your child is still attending SCTA clubs, we will contact you to discuss this before securely erasing your data as it will almost certainly be necessary for us to hold some personal data in order to provide you with a safe, coordinated service.

Recorded Media

We will only take and store photographs and/or videos of children where we have obtained media consent. These may appear across our marketing, on our website & social media accounts and in public showcases/presentations & promotional events. Children featured will never be named publicly. Parents and individuals can ask SCTA Theatre Academy to stop using media containing themselves or their child/children at any time, at which point the media will not be used in future publications but may continue to appear in publications already in circulation. All recorded media is stored securely.


How We Store Your Information

All SCTA email accounts are secure, all electronic devices have passwords or passcodes and are locked or logged out of when not in use. We are careful when opening attachments and visiting websites to minimise the risk of virus attacks. Devices or documents containing personal information is not given to anyone other than SCTA or school staff.​ Printed registers only include information necessary to maintain a safe and efficient service, this includes both the student's and parent's full names, parent's phone number, child's year group and whether you have consented to photos and videos of your child being taken and used in our advertising. Club leaders are only provided with additional printed information when it is necessary to provide a safe, inclusive environment. SCTA Theatre Academy understand and acknowledge that it is an offence to release any information we hold about any individual without that person’s consent.

Last updated - 08/11/19

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