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Terms & conditions

Participation in SCTA's after school clubs, evening school and workshops is subject to the following terms and conditions. Please read through the Terms and Conditions on this page carefully as the information contained regarding costs, booking and cancellation is very important.


Costs & Payment


The costs of each SCTA club can be found on our website by clicking on the appropriate page for your child's age group and class. Payment must be made for a whole term before the first session of that term unless previously discussed and agreed otherwise. For our after school clubs and evening school, letters and emails will be sent out at the end of each term containing term dates and payment details for the upcoming term. For our holiday workshops, information regarding payment will be sent out at the time of booking. Payment for SCTA holiday workshops must be made before the first day of the workshop unless previously discussed and agreed otherwise. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

If payment for a club is not received before the club start date, you will be contacted with a late payment reminder and given 2 weeks to make the payment before being issued with a final warning. Failure to pay club fees after a final warning will result in your child being unable to attend our classes. 

Booking & Cancellations

For our after school clubs, letters are sent home towards the end of term with an attached permission form for you to complete and return to the school office to reserve your child's space. Booking for our evening school or holiday workshops can be made by completing the booking forms on our website. Children attending our after school clubs or evening school are classed as 'members' and will be given priority for spaces at the start of each term before new students; if your child will not be continuing from one term to the next you should let us know by email before the start date of the next term. Unfortunately, we cannot give refunds if a child chooses not to continue with our clubs, evening school or workshops after the first session of a term/workshop. We reserve the right to give refund in exceptional circumstances, this will be decided on a case by case basis.


Club Dates & Cancellations


Club dates for each term are sent out at the end of the term before and again at the start of term. Evening school and workshop dates can also be found on our website. We will always try to arrange cover before cancelling a club but in the event of a cancellation we will notify you by email and text, in this situation a refund will always be provided for the missed session.


Our main form of communication with you will be by email, however, we may also contact you via phone call, text and letters when necessary. You are responsible for providing us with correct, up to date contact information and notifying us of any changes to your contact details.



SCTA Theatre Academy has obtained advanced DBS checks on all of our staff and ensured that they have received training in child protection. 

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